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About Me

Hi,I'm Yosuke Suzuki.I'm computer graphic designer. Thank you for coming my site.

I had studied digital contents for three years at Art university in Kyoto Japan. And I left of absent and jumped to study abroad to Vancouver B.C. 

When I'm 3rd grade at art university  in Japan, I decided flying out Japan and go to study abroad to Vancouver.

There were some reasons.first, there was no teacher who can teach me maya,ZBrush something like that kind of software in university.That mean was I have to study by myself about 3d stuffs. At that time my teacher is goole and youtube or so many books. Actually it was little bit tough to study without teachers,but my skill was getting better day by day.

And when I was 2nd grade,My teacher brought me great job offer.

It was making short movie for MTV with him. It was my first experience to work use my art skill.

After that I made some works for Pokemon,Audio - technica,music videos,tv commercial etc when I was student in Japan.

Definitely there are no teacher who can teach me 3d staffs but I can't say that time was useless.Because I could make great connection with great artist in Japan.And got great friends too.This connection is one of my treasure.

Second,this is the biggest reason why I leave Japan.that is I really love feature films. When I was child I was not in Japan. I was born in Sweden.And after that moved to Luxembourg and German when I was 3 years old.So my memory has started in German.This uncommon environment for Japanese gave me a lot of effect for my life. When same age kids watch Japanese animation or some kind of power ranger,I can't watch it. There my parents can't prepare Japanese anime or videos for me. They brought me movies for me instead. I spent childhood with so many movies,Star-Wars,Back to the future,Jurassic Park,Indiana Jones series,etc... When Star -Wars episode 1 released, every weekend I asked my father to take me to the theater. of course same when episode 2 released.

And got back to Japan when I was 10 years old,my passion for movie wan't die.Every week I went to rental video store and watch movies.

Star wars episode 3 released I went to watch 1st day. It was fantastic. that movie give me great effect for my future.

Actually I felt really lonesome, because lovely star-wars series had finished. But next moment,Transformer movie released, Transformer movie smashed my hart with great VFX.

I think this movie was the trigger to decide to work for Visual effects.

.......And time passed,When I was student of art university. I heard that Vancouver is the hot place of VFX in the world. I decided to go Vancouver next moment heard that. 

When I came Vancouver I wanted to be a 3d modeler.But concept art class changed my mind and I found I really enjoying to design something.My concept art teacher showed how to create concept art and how to make strong visual. It makes my work more better than before come Vancouver.

My advantage is modeling speed. My polygon modeling and 3d sculpting skils are fast.On the evidence I was invited I.A master class at Paris 2016 as finalist of Speed sculpting competition. And I did speed sculpt on the stage. If you interested in me please check my resume. You can check my information and skills and works. Thank you.

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