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I'm freelance cg artist from 2013. I worked on music video,TV program,commercial,promotion web page,theme park attraction, instructor etc...

I did design,modeling,texturing,animation,so many things. in few days I'm constrain to work on concept art.

My special skill is speed modeling and speed sculpt. I can't draw beautiful sketch.however I can make 3d model so fast.

So almost time I make 3d base and after that I paint over on it. Actuary I can mat paint make environment too.  

And my skill is specialty to make hard surface stuffs like robots,buildings,starships, exso sute. definitely I can make organic staff too.

Software Proficiency  -  Maya, ZBrush, MoI3d, Keyshot, V-ray, Mari, WorldMachine, MarvelousDesigner, Photoshop

My history about educational  qualification and major work example and competition----

2012 - 

enroll in Kyoto Seika university - School of design - Visual design Department - Digital creation course 

I learned digital contents, adobe and 3d stuffs. 

2013 - 

Work  -  Urutrahits Station ID of MTV.

I made movie with Teppei Maki who is teaching video created at Kyoto Seika university.

Teppei directed this video.and I created design all. mechanical design and modeling all assets,animation.And I did look development.

this is my first experience to work use my art skils.

this work was published in Teppei Maki’s page at JAPANESE MOTION GRAPHIC CREATORS 2014.


Maki Teppei :

2014 - 

Competition  -  Tokyo motorcycle show student poster contest 2014

Actuary I love to ride motorcycle.this is the ample reason to apply to this competition.

It was 41th Tokyo motor cycle show. And I made poster for it,

Result was my work couldn't get the best prize but got a winning prize.

I was invited Tokyo motor cycle show 2014.

Result of this competition


2014 - 

Work  -  Pokémon Adventure Camp in Nagashima Spa Land

 I made  Pokémon 3d animation for attraction in Nagashima Spa Land. Nagashima Spa Land is one of the famous theme park in Japan.

 I did this work with George Onouchi. He is cg creator in Kyoto,He found me at School Festival.

I made animation and look development.and design Pokémon huge object for projection mapping.

This attraction is available now. 

this is URL of this attraction  :

promotion movie  :

2014 -


This work directed by DEMON PICTURES.I made 3d model for commercial web page.

I did 3d modeling and texturing.and look development,lighting.I did everything about 3d part.

this is URL of this work  :

Demon Pictures  :

2015 -  

take temporary absent from Kyoto Seika university and go to abroad to study to Vancouver

and enrolled in Vancouver Institute Of Media Arts(Vanarts) Game and Art course.

I had learned concentrate to study 3d stuffs and improve my art skills.

2015 -  

Work -  BurgHumburgburg April fool promotion video

this work,I made concept art and 3d modeling and did look development.


this is really fun work to make assets and this is my first experience to make concept art for clients. fortunately they really impressed my works and they give me work to make 3d stuffs for this project. 

2016  -

Competition -  I.A Master league Speed sculpt competition 2016.

this is one of great experience in my life.I joined speed sculpt competition and I won the semi final.

I was invited Paris and I and my competitor Juan did Speed sculpt in front of spectator. I did my best but I was 2nd prize. Actually I felt regretful. However I could meet a lot of great artist and I could show them my works and got tons of great feed backs from them. I felt really weird why I’m drinking with great artists! And I got friends. definitely I was satisfaction.

competition deateal



2016  -

Graduate Vanarts 

I graduate Vanarts. I learned a lot of things and most biggest thing is my target changed 3d modeler to concept artist.

2018  -


I VISUAL WORKS is cinematic team of SQUARE ENIX. Our team made pre-rendering movies for other department. For instance we got work of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest,

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